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    It will just sit there and do nothing if you don’t give it the correct push.

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  • Guiding Light Mission

    Opens Third Transitional Housing Facility in Kentwood

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    Attorneys Write Articles to Help Residents Understand Michigan’s New ‘Buzzed Boating’ Laws

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  • The Right Place

    Grand Rapids Ranked as Third Best City in USA For Job Creation & Economic Development

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Who We Are

We are a full-service public relations firm located in the eclectic Heartside neighborhood of downtown Grand Rapids. We are big supporters of Heartside as we tithe 10% of our time, money and resources each month to the agencies working to help the marginalized. We specialize in media relations, community relations, online communications and eating an entire bag of Meijer Tiny Twist pretzels in one day! In our 10-year history we have served more than 250 clients ranging from Fortune 100 giants, to local non-profits and start-ups.

Craig Clark

Owner/Senior Counselor

Craig Clark is the owner of Clark Communications. Craig graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in communications. The recipient of the 2009 Public Relations Professional of the Year award from the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America, Craig has 20 years of professional public relations…

and marketing experience in both corporate, nonprofit and agency settings. Craig has used this balanced experience to find a variety of creative and intelligent ways to communicate the right message for his firm’s clients.

Craig has extensive corporate communications and agency experience. He has served as a communications and marketing specialist for the American Red Cross Great Lakes Region; public relations supervisor for Saint Mary’s Health Care and Metro Health; local market relations and business development manager at Crowe Horwath, a top ten U.S. CPA firm; public relations manager for DDM Marketing & Communications, one of West Michigan’s largest full-service marketing and communications firms; and communications coordinator in Patient Relations at Spectrum Health.

Dedicated to being an active member of West Michigan, Craig has made time to apply his expertise and creativity to various community service projects and organizations. Currently, Craig serves on the board of directors for the Local First Educational Foundation and Grand Rapids Community Foundation Advisory Counsel. Craig formerly served on the executive committee of the Women’s Resource Center board of directors, Annual Campaign Cabinet for DeVos Children’s Hospital, and provides pro-bono counsel to a variety of nonprofits across the region.

Craig and his wife Alison have three children and reside in Rockford.

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Alison Clark

Project Manager

Alison Clark is the co-owner and project manager of Clark Communications. Alison graduated from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in health communications. Alison has nearly 15 years of professional public relations and marketing experience in both corporate and nonprofit settings.

Alison has extensive nonprofit experience, having served as a special events and communications specialist for Indian Trails, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Humane Society of Grand Rapids and the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids. She also served as the client services director for Law, Weathers & Richardson.

Alison is very active in the Rockford community. She serves as a Sunday school coach, and leader of an after school bible club. Currently, Alison serves as chairperson on the board of directors for Heartside Ministry. Alison previously held leadership positions with the Grand Rapids Jaycees and various animal rescue organizations.

Alison and Craig have been married since 2000, and she wants it made very clear that she works WITH and not FOR Craig! Craig wants it made very clear that he agrees!

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What We Do

The simple version is that we can put you in the news and we can keep you out of the news!  We essentially work with you to determine what messages your audiences need to hear and how best to hear them, whether it’s through news media, speaking opportunities, trade group involvement or social media engagement. Most clients ask us to create a public relations program that can help them achieve annual business goals.  Many also ask for us to help execute the plan in a monthly retainer arrangement.

How We Work

Before we just agree to do work for you so we can start billing, we’d rather take a measured approach to ensure we’re both on the same page with regard to expectations and project goals.

Meet & Listen

Meet with you and listen. Walk you through our 9-question PR Planning questionnaire. Leave initial meeting with an idea of your needs.


Provide you with a proposal that outlines our recommendations, timeline, and budget. Seek approval.

PR Checklist

Begin executing the engagement by preparing what we call the PR Checklist, which includes tactics, duties, timelines, costs and other particulars. This becomes the blueprint for all our activities.

Stay in Touch

Stay in touch using the most comfortable form of communication for you (meetings, email, etc.).


We simply charge one reasonable hourly rate for the time spent providing strategic public relations value. We will offer a proposal for services and work against an agreed upon budget that has a not-to-exceed amount. We usually are engaged to work in a monthly retainer format, but we are also prepared to work on a per-hour “as needed” basis as well as on a project basis.  We’ll keep track of our time and bill you on a monthly basis. Additional expenses will be billed directly to the client with no mark up from us.

We earn a paycheck by billing for our time. However, we make our living by establishing long lasting relationships.

PR Tips

You shouldn’t have to pay for some basic information on this crazy thing called public relations.  Please feel free to read the following documents and contact us with any questions.

Contact Us

We are located in the Thirty Eight building on Commerce in the Heartside district of downtown Grand Rapids where we tithe 10% of our revenue to the agencies that work with the homeless.